SKG Estate Agent realize what’s vital and that is heads in beds; filling your rooms with quality occupants is our main need intently took after by the management of those inhabitants. Upbeat occupants take care of your property, cheerful inhabitants and glad inhabitants remain.

Cleaning, Laundry and Keys. Everything managed.

HMO freedom - Newry Holiday Rentals Management

The ethos of SKG Estate Agent Holiday Rentals is to give a genuinely hands off support of our Newry Holiday Rentals landlords.

We do the entire Holiday Rental management service from promoting and contracting to the administration of all bills and support anything you need us to deal with we can deal with so you can get your freedom.

freedom - Newry Holiday Rentals Management

Holiday Rental will give you the income to have an incredible way of life and with our short term let management service you can appreciate the flexibility and the significant serenity to do as such.



Proficient Cleaning   Value improvement
We band together with a cleaning organization to ensure your level is constantly spotless and prepared for you and the following visitors. In light of our aptitude, we exhort on evaluating, as per seasons and particular occasions in London, Paris and Milan. We improve the costs all the time to guarantee high productivity.
Bed Linen and Towels Registration and stock Visitors’ solicitations
We give new and fresh bed material, shower towels, hand towels and shower mats for each bed so you don’t have to purchase any additional. We meet the visitors at each look at to get the keys and watch that the level is in precisely the same as before the booking. We answer all enquiries rapidly and ensure the visitors have all the data they require some time recently, amid and after the booking.
GUARDHOG Insurance Meet and Greet Visitor verifying
Do you have protection to cover visitors remaining? We work with GUARDHOG to ensure you and your house are secured. Nothing replaces human contact and the initial introduction is imperative. We meet the visitors face to face and show them all that they have to know! We generally vet the visitors and connect with them before affirming the booking to know them better and guarantee they are dependable.


Why Use SKG Estate Agent Newry Holiday Rentals management service.

  • There are less (impactful) rental void periods. By this, I mean that if one tenant moves out, you still have other rooms tenanted. With a single let a void period will mean an empty property.
  • There is less exposure to arrears. With multiple tenants, your are less exposed if a tenant falls behind on their rent as there are still other tenants that are still paying. In a single let, arrears can mean the entire income on a property.
  • Rental yields can be as much as three times higher.
  • There can be tax advantages to investing in Holiday Rental let that more of your costs might be tax-deductible.
  • Much higher returns and cash-flow
  • Stress free we handle everything for you.
  • low cost for the Holiday Rental management service in Newry of 12% + VAT
  • Tenant demand for flexible, affordable housing is increasing. There is a trend in the Newry the average size of a typical ‘household’ is declining. At the same time, the overall population is increasing. This combination is leading to increased demand (in the right areas) for short term let over and above single-room rentals.


landlord e1525182457195 - Newry Holiday Rentals Management

As a landlord I was stressed over a specialist assuming control over my portfolio as I had heard some dreadful stories particularly about specific operators in Newry… Not enrolling stores, stashing rent, at that point taking the store toward the finish of the tenure and to finish it off not paying contractual workers.

I was prescribed to SKG Estate Agent by a companion as I was moving to another country and never again would have sufficient energy to deal with the portfolio myself.

I don’t know why I was concerned, Sarah is my first purpose of contact, she is effective, expert and cant help enough.

Support is managed quickly and I generally have my lease paid to me on time without fall flat.

I would prescribe SKG Estate Agent to anyone, landlord and occupants. I cannot thank you


landlord1 - Newry Holiday Rentals Management


SKG estate agent has been outstanding  of leasing my UK property out ideal from the minute came and esteemed it for me.

Kept clear correspondence all through the procedure and comprehended my to some degree ungainly prerequisite. Would prescribe anybody needing a dependable operator with quality learning of the market and different perspectives required to connect.


seller - Newry Holiday Rentals Management

Subsequent to having a truly horrendous involvement with another nearby estate agent we chose to utilize SKG Estate Agent. in the wake of perusing the online surveys. What would we be able to state? The entire group all the way have been completely astonishing . We had an offer made on our home at the full soliciting cost inside four days from it going available. All the staff were so sure , accommodating and kept us educated all through the entire procedure. We would very prescribe SKG Estate Agent. to any individual who needs to offer their home in a provoke. expert and safe way.



l09 - Newry Holiday Rentals Management

What a fabulous rental service. Helpful and approachable from the start to rent until the finish of the process. Every time an issue arises the staff at SKG Estate Agent do everything to help me resolve the issue.

So easy to rent your property. Professional service, took 5 hours to rent my flat and was the easiest process I have had compared to other property management companies. Would definitely recommend the process.