Recently sold 135 Property in Alton 21% above the asking price.

0% Commission

Vendors in  pay no fees and keep the full selling price.

Speed – The entire process, from instruction to exchange of contracts, can be achieved within as little as six to eight weeks.

Transparency – A property auction sale is totally transparent and provides the seller with the assurance that the best possible price has been achieved in open competition.

Certainty of sale – Selling a house at auction offers an exceptional degree of certainty that a sale will be achieved on auction day. A binding legal contract is formed on the fall of the hammer. The buyer is committed and no further negotiation can take place.

Best price – If prepared properly a property auction should generate a number of bidders for each property. The atmosphere created can be extremely exciting and the process of competitive bidding will help to achieve best price on the day.

People may be surprised by just how effective and rewarding modern property auctions are, so the best option is to speak to one of our auctions experts to find out how you could take advantage of this selling method.

You can set a reserve price so they know the minimum they will receive for a home should it be purchased, while they also benefit from the security of a guaranteed sale that only auctions can provide.

Auctions work extremely well for people who need a quick sale and executors looking to settle an estate, but there is no reason why even more people cannot benefit from this type of sale.

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